Project Links

Ever wonder what the heck you can do with all those CUTE fat quarters (18"x22" pieces of fabric) that you've got laying around even though you DON"T quilt!? Here is a cute idea I found for you!!

Fabric Flowers picture by Peachy Papaya, Tutorial on Cute as a Fox

Check out this amazing LIST of links to other pages with ideas of what to do to BUST that STASH of scraps you might have. This is from Tipnut which is an AWESOME website. Every day they send three or four links in one e-mail with great ideas! I've used their suggestions for cleaning out the microwave and the link for building a deck size veggie garden (my dad built it for me). But I'm certainly going to add this list of idea to make 30 Patchwork Pretties to my Some Day I'm Gonna Make it List.