Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do You Like Our New 'Do?

Well, it was time. I turned another year older on Tuesday and decided it was time for our shop to get a little facelift and also while I was at it, why not revamp the blog too? Regina agreed that we needed something a little fresher and when we saw the aqua and red banner design we said "YES" that's just what we wanted! And wouldn't you know, I looking around at Hot Bliggity Blog where I got our previous blog background and they had THE PERFECT coordinating background for our new colors. So, I'd LOVE some feedback, what do you think? Is it fun and fresh enough? I know it's fall and most people think orange and black and brown and reds and golden yellows, but here in San Antonio, Texas, we're lucky if the weather stays a consistant temperature between Monday and Tuesday! We don't have a lot of fall foilage and we wanted to give our shop and our image of Crafty Girls Workshop a specific look. Well, WE love it and we hope you do too! I hope to hear some good things from you!

Happy Stitches to You,


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shop Update: Magazines!

We've just listed some great new magazines and some lovely Short Stack bundles. This is THE perfect gift for a Sewing Secret Santa gift. Just grab a short stack and a magazine to suit your buddy's tastes and you've got it all taken care of! For example:


EQUALS: A great gift for a beginning sewista!

Do you have a young sewing enthusiast in your life? Someone who is interested in getting started but a little nervous about taking that first step? Why not pick out a fun and funky short stack from the Bloom and Grow collection or the Just Dreamy group and add to that the Fall issue of Quilts and More? I just can't say enough about Better Homes and Gardens' publication for the beginning sewista (or sewist), Quilts and More! The patterns are awesome and easy and always include more than just quilts. They have tote bags, pin cushions, pillows, table linens, and they always include a color photograph guide at the back of the magazine that explains terms that are used in sewing and quilting. That is a great go-to guide when you need a little reminder about cutting on the bias or how to put on binding. The Fall issue has lots of inspiration and a perfect pattern for using a fat quarter bundle.

Or perhaps you have some friends who are a little more experienced and would like to venture out a little more? Check out Quilting Arts for the artistic side or the Quilting Arts Holiday issue if you'd like to MAKE your gifts this year, you know there IS still time!

We've also got the Fall issue of stitch which has been all abuzz around blogland lately. Some of my favorite bloggers have patterns featured in this issue! This is a super duper issue and is jam packed with patterns, suggestions, ideas, and inspiration! The photography is amazing and it's a great way to stretch your quilting wings beyond quilting and explore the world of sewing. Our price on these special big issues is $4 less than regular retail because we know that we're an online store and you'll probably have to pay shipping, so we want to help out by offering a discount to our wonderful customers.

Last, but not least, we're happy to offer this commemorative issue of Quilt Scene that is all about the 35th annual International Quilt Festival that took place this year in Houston. 35 years and still going strong! This issue features all sort of wonderful photography of the quilts as well as projects that you can do and to inspire you in your quilting endeavors! We have 5 issues available and we hope you'll go grab one before they're all gone!

I hope you'll stop by and check out our new "magazine aisle" and perhaps consider adding a short stack to your order so that you can give someone you love not only beautiful fabric but the perfect inspiration to go with it! Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,


Friday, October 23, 2009

Only 10 Days Left to Grab Some Bargains

If you've checked out our Etsy shop lately, you might notice that the Destash/Books category has the most items of anything in our shop. That is also where you can find some pretty darn good bargains on fabric. Well, in about 10 days, most of those items will no longer be listed in our shop. You see, on Etsy, when we list an item it stays active for four months at which point it "falls off" the listing unless we choose to pay another listing fee for that item. Since it's now actually Fall and most of the items in that category are rather Summery and Springish in nature, we figure if they haven't sold by November 2, we can wait a little while before we list them again. So, if you've visited the shop and you've ever put a heart on one of those items, indicating that you REALLY REALLY liked it, you'd better stop by again and grab it before November 2. There is a slim chance some of that will be listed again in the Spring, but since most of it was from our personal stash and we had actually pre-washed it, we'll probably just incorporate it back into our stashes again. Here's my little confession, there are a couple of items I sort of hope won't be grabbed up by you guys (although I'd be happy if they were too).

For example, this awesome bundle of 1/4 yd cuts, 9 pieces of Sweet by Urban Chiks. It's a bargain for only $22.50, it's been viewed over 200 times and 10 people have put a heart on it, but no one has grabbed it! I really have no idea why not, it's adorable!

Check out this cute bundle of 1/4 yd cuts of Snippets by American Jane. You can get 5 quarter yard cuts for onlu $12.75! That is totally worth it! If you were to add that cute onesie pattern you could quickly turn these into some adorable little dresses for a baby. I strongly urge you to take another look at our Destash group and see if there is anything in there you just can't live without. If you place your order before 3:30 today, and payment is received, we will get it into the mail today! Otherwise, it will go out on Monday (the post office isn't open on the weekend, unfortunately.)

Or, if you prefer to get the newest, hottest fabric that is just fresh from Quilt Market, check out the new items I've just listed this week. I've posted some patterns, and many, many short stacks of fat quarters. Remember that you probably know several people who wouldn't mind receiving fabric for a Christmas present. Think of your guildly friends or your grandchild or niece or nephew who wants to learn to sew. Perhaps all they need is one or two fat quarters and some guidance from you to get started. You can grab up one or two of those short stacks and easily have a great gift or stocking stuffer for your loved ones.

Oh, and speaking of stocking stuffers. We just got 5 copies of this great pattern to make stockings for Christmas! The coolest thing, I think, is that we actually have the EXACT fabric that was used to make this pattern, and even though it's in Christmas section, it's part of our destash so the prices are really good. So, if you purchase that fabric, we'll send you the pattern FOR FREE!! Here's a peek at the pattern:

I think it's super duper cute! I also think that there is just enough time to get yourself one of our Christmas bundles and make up these cute stocking for family and friends. I don't have any children, but I have three dogs and this year I need to make a new stocking for our newest addition. I'm thinking this would be just about right for her stocking. So hurry over and get it, we only have 5 of those patterns to give away!!

Until next time.
Happy Bargain Hunting,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Need Some Fall Inspiration?

I don't know about you, but I am totally addicted to magazines. There is something about the glossy pages and the possibilities for inspiration that draw me to the magazine aisle of my bookstore. Well, we are happy to announce that The Crafty Girls Workshop is now going to carry some great new magazines! We've sort of been vetting a few different publishers in the last couple of months and at Quilt Market we signed up for the minimum order (still testing the waters here) for the magazines we think YOU, our customers will enjoy. One of those, in particular, is Cloth, Paper, Scissors. This magazines does more than just talk about fabric and quilting, as the title suggests, it will help you stretch your creative wings and try some new ideas! The photography in the Fall issue is simply amazing. You know, I never thought I might want to make a felted wool skelaton before, but after seeing those in this issue, I might just give it a try! Here is the cover:

And even though it looks like there are only Halloween ideas in there, don't be fooled, in fact there are A LOT of non Halloween articles and projects to try. We only have ONE copy at the moment, but we have 5 more on order (in fact, I believe they will be arriving on Monday) so if you'd like a copy and the one we have is gone, please convo us on Etsy and we'd be happy to take you pre-order for it. Click the picture above to visit the listing for the magazine. I hope you'll consider taking a walk on the artsy wild side and try out a new magazine. There are more to come. I hope to feature them in the next couple of days. Until next time.

Happy Spooky Stitches to You,


Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Fabrics and New Patterns

Check out these new fabrics we got at Sample Spree from Art Gallery fabrics! Their new line, called Girly Girl is all the rage and we've ordered bolts of almost every fabric in the line! While we wait for it to arrive, we've listed some of the 1 yard cuts we have, just to hold you over until it's all here. Take a look!

(Click each picture to go directly to the listing)

Aren't they just so fresh and yummy? These are from the Cool Girl colorway but we have some coming from the Sweet Girl colorway very, very soon! We have these combos ready for you to purchase right now! They are 100% cotton and have a lovely feel to them. Now check out the adorable patterns we picked up at Market too!

(Click the picture to go directly to the listing)
These are the patterns we have listed at the moment with lots more to come tonight or tomorrow. The patterns are from Pink Fig Patterns and as I said in the last post, kids' clothing patterns were all the rage at market. I really wish I had a daughter that I could dress up in these adorable clothes! I don't think my dog would really let me place dress up with her. And all the people I know who have kids have boys! But, we did get some cute boy patterns too. We only have limited quantities (one each) of these patterns, but we can certainly order some more if you want them. Feel free to convo or e-mail us with your pre-order!
We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Happy Stitches,
Anna and Regina

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Short Stacks Now Available!

Allow me to introduce you to a new idea we had, Short Stacks! What is a short stack? It's a bundle of some of our FABULOUS, DELICIOUS fabrics, pre-cut into Fat Quarters (18"x22") and beautifully coordinated just for your shopping pleasure! You don't have to think much, just see the one you love and buy it! We've kept these bundles close to 10 cuts, some have 9 some have 11, but they all have plenty of fabric to get you started on a lovely quilt top, or to make several cute tote bags, or pillows or table linens, without totally breaking your budget! It's up to you! Plus, right now, the Short Stacks we have are in the Mill House Inn line of fabrics (SOOO beautiful) and we DO have coordinating yardage which you will most likely need for borders, backing, sashing, or lining your totes. So, stop by the shop TODAY and get a short stack while you can! I am sure they are going to sell like hotcakes (hence, the name, short stack, get it? That's a little pancake humor there.)

Hey, did you notice? There's a NEW Secret Item over there!!! ------------------>

Remember, FREE Shipping on the Secret Item (even international, that's like saving $5!!)

Happy Stitches,


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To Market To Market

As you probably know, Regina and I went to the Fall Quilt Market this weekend. Wow, are we tired! Three intense days of break out sessions and sensory overload really can take it's toll. So, it's going to probably take us the rest of this week to get stuff loaded on the shop site(s), BUT we have A LOT to share and are SUPER excited about the direction we're going to go with all this new information! We also got our hands on a lot of samples of new fabrics that are not quite available yet, but we will make these samples available to you, and if they seem popular, we will DEFINATELY order more. Here are some teasers of what HOT trends we saw at market:
  • CUTE Kids' garment patterns
  • ADORABLE ways to embellish store bought clothes
  • Altered and mixed media in quilting is HOT HOT HOT (think: painting on fabric!)
  • Think outside the blocks
  • Funky, bright, and beautiful fabrics abound

I hope to cover each of these plus more in future posts. In the mean time, please visit our shop and help us clear out our current inventory. We have A TON of new stuff on order and would LOVE to have lots of space (in Regina's spare room) to put the items when they arrive. There are still many, many things in our sale "bin" and don't forget the Secret Item over there in the side bar. FREE shipping, even International, if you purchase that item, and if you buy something else along with it, we'll cover the shipping up to $5 on that as well. Until next time.

Happy Stitches,

Anna and Regina

Crafty Girls Workshop

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quilt Market is Approaching!

On Thursday Regina and I will be leaving to go to the Fall Quilt Market. Do I realy need to say it? We are SO excited! To share our excitement about the new products, patterns, ideas, fabrics, and fabrics and MORE fabrics we'll be seeing, I'll be posting a NEW secret item EVERY DAY, or sooner if that item sells. So help us clean out some of our inventory and get READY FOR QUILT MARKET!! Oh, and I think we'll be getting some awesome preview goodies at Sample Spree, which I think we might be willing to share with our fabulous quilting friends, that's YOU! So be sure to check back. I'm taking my new, PINK, mini laptop and my camera so that I can post pictures of the behind the scenes. I am totally excited to meet some quilting celebrities, maybe even Amy Butler or Joanna Figueroa! Or maybe even Bonnie and Camille who designed Simple Abundance and Cotton Blossom! Wow, that would be awesome! I wonder if they would look at me funny if I asked for their autograph! Hey, look------------->
I just posted a NEW secret item right now! Remember, if you purchase the secret item, you'll receive FREE shipping, (and if you order more than just item, we'll cover your shipping up to $5!) If you live outside of the US, you could be saving a bundle! Back tomorrow with some more Christmas gift ideas.

Happy Stitches,
(and happy shopping)


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Giveaway Goodness

Here's at least one giveaway I've found today. I'll list some more here to make it super easy to go and enter!

On the Fritz blog - a cute blog about being a young army mom, she's giving away MARY KAY goodies!! You can still enter for the next couple of hours. So far only 4 people have entered so let's just attack her with bloggy comment LOVE!!

Happy Stitches,

It's Raining!

Rain rain, I hope you stay,
I really want to sew today.
If you stay I don't have to mow,
Rain, rain, please don't go!

How's that for a great poem!!!!

It's raining and grey and yucky outside, but that's fine with me! I'm going to play with several different sewing/quilt related things I've been brainstorming (haha, no pun intended) about all week while I was "stuck" at work! Lots of ideas rattling around up there! Anyone else doing some fun sewing today?

Happy Stitches,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Warm Wooly Projects for Winter

Yes, it's only the beginning of October and we've only just recently officially started Fall, but now is a great time to settle in and work on some fun and fairly easy wool felt applique projects. I'd like to show you some of the adorable patterns we have in our shop right now that, if you purchased today, you could most likely start them next week!

This cute Santa table mat pattern would make an adorable addition to a table top.

These cute stockings can be whipped up in no time flat and would add some warmth to any hearth for the holiday season. Look at that cute red and white striped binding around top edge! I live in Texas and a few years ago I decided that since we don't ever have snow here, I'd start to bring my own snowmen to my house. I think this snowman stocking is just so cute!

And look at these Santa wool patterns. This pattern has many different ways to create Santa. You can do one on a burlap or osnaburg background and frame him up, or create the cute Seven Santas table runner, or even create some 3 dimentional Santas to guard the cookie plate on Christmas Eve! Perhaps you aren't in the mood to stitch up some Santas but you'd still like to try some wool applique, check out this lovely Baltimore Penny Rug pattern we have. Isn't it beautiful? I think this would be a great way to learn since the motifs are about the right size to learn the applique process.

And last, but not least, look at this amazing wool applique quilt! The finished size is 48"x65" so it's a really great size. It would be beautiful hanging on a wall or decorating a bed and it certainly would be warm! We don't have a lot of need for this in San Antonio, where the high today is 87 degrees, but these beautiful motifs could be broken up and put onto decorative pillows, a sweatshirt, or even a lovely wool totebag.

I hope that you'll think of wool in a new way after reading this and see what patterns are out there. It really is fun to do, I think the best part is that felted wool doesn't fray, so you don't have to worry about turning the edges under, it even lends itself perfectly toward the folksy not so perfect look. (Which I totally love, wonky is beautiful you know.) Please let me know if you have any questions about wool applique. It's one of my favorite techniques and I'm happy to help you out if you need it!

Happy Stitches,


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kitchen Decor - Always a Great Gift

If you're looking for a gift you can make that is fast and comes out looking great, think about making some embellished Flour Sack Towels. There are so many easy, fun, and fast embroidery designs available, many of them free or very inexpensive. It just so happens that we have some great patterns in our shop that would be the perfect addition to some useful and inexpensive flour sack towels (which we also carry.) In fact, look at this cute pattern to make a set of 12 holiday flour sack towels.

And if you like that, you can even get the entire kit! It includes the red fabric with white polka dots and ALL the DMC thread you need to finish the embroidered designs, oh and the towels, of course. The red ric rack is up to you, unfortunately, we had some trouble sourcing it but these towels will still be adorable without the ric rack. That leaves it open for a little more creativity.

Or if you'd like to make something a little less holiday oriented, we have a lovely Flowerpot Tea Towels/Floursack Towels stitchery pattern available here. I think one of the best things about this type of pattern is that it can be used over and over again. What a great housewarming present this would make!

I'd also like to mention a faraway friend of mine who lives in Australia, Jenny of ELEFANTZ, she has a fabulous blog, and she also designs the prettiest patterns that combine embroidery and just a little bit of super easy applique. You can purchase her designs from her Etsy shop and there is a very good chance that we'll begin to carry them later on this year (especially if we hear from YOU to say you'd like us to offer them.) Remember that kitchen decor, especially soft and large flour sack towels embellished with a little embroidery or fabric, make a wonderful gift for the holidays, birthdays, and especially as a house warming present. I hope you enjoy this idea and will check back again soon for some more holiday gift ideas.

Happy Stitches,


P.S. Don't forget, there's still time to pick up that SECRET ITEM with FREE SHIPPING!! That would make a great gift for someone as well and it's already finished!!