Monday, March 30, 2009

More Items Listed

We've listed several new items in the Etsy shop today. I'm sort of torn at this point. We've been listed on Shop Handmade for about a month with zero sales, but I listed several of our items on Etsy on Friday and this morning found out we had made a sale! So, we are considering switching over to Etsy permanently. But for now, we will have several items listed on both. Thanks for visiting and shopping with us. Please note, we are willing to make custom items if we feel we have the skills to make them, so please don't hesitate to contact us about custom orders. Also, if you live in or around the San Antonio, Texas area, we can arrange to meet you to deliver any item you purchase. That will save you the cost of shipping. Just send us a message on either Etsy or Shop Handmade to let us know you are local. Well, I hope you will visit us soon.

Happy Shopping,

The Crafty Girls

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