Monday, August 23, 2010

Coming to San Antonio Soon, Modern Quilt Guild!

SA Mod Quilt Guild

Thursday, September 2, 2010 will be the inaugural meeting of the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild! I'm sooo excited because I've wanted to join one of these since seeing posts about them around blogland. I didn't know if there were enough people in San Antonio who would find it appealing, I mean, what does Modern Quilt Guild mean? Well, I guess I'm going to find out on September 2. I'm going to be in charge of publicity and the newsletter for the guild to begin with and I can't wait to get started shouting from the rooftops about this great group! Our fabulous president, Jordan, has already organized an amazing first year of meetings including a day long workshop with DENYSE SCHMIDT!! How awesome is that!!!!!!! We're very lucky that the International Quilt Show is in Houston and she'll be there in November for that so she's willing to come down to San Antonio to do a workshop (of course there will be a fee but that's expected). If you are in or near San Antonio, I highly recommend you check out the awesome website that Jordan put togther to find out more information about the SA Mod Quilt Guild (we call it MQG for short). Also, grab the code for the badge (to the right) and pop it into your blog and help spread the word! That's it for now.

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