Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Wednesday SALE

So is anyone getting ready to hit the stores on Friday for the Black Friday shopper mania? I, for one AM NOT planning to do that. In fact, I've never been a 4 in the morning get the best deals, get out of my way sort of shopper. Usually, Regina, my husband, and I travel an hour north to Fredericksburg to shop the town, eat at our favorite Italian place (Pasta Bella), and go to the Country Peddler craft show in the afternoon. BUT after doing that for the last four or five years, we've actually been increasingly disappointed with the offerings at the Country Peddler show, fewer crafts and more kitchy, rhinestone studded purses and not so crafty stuff. So, this year, we're going to take a day off after Thanksgiving to rest (I'm going to hopefully learn to crochet with my sister) and on Saturday and Sunday Regina and I are planning a Sew-A-Thon! We're hoping to sew up some cute stuff to get a good head start on building a handmade inventory that we can sell at a craft show in the Spring. Yes, I said SPRING (have to start early because we want to do A LOT of sales). A thought just occurred to me (that happens sometimes early in the morning). What do you do in other countries since you don't have the "official" start of the Christmas shopping season the day after Thanksgiving? Perhaps this is why it is easier to focus on handmade gifts and the less commercial reason for the season in other countries. Well, that's just a thought, if any of you out there are in other countries, I'd love to hear what you're doing this holiday season. Alright, now, for the exciting part of this post, the...

10% off ALL
The prices have already been adjusted for you so stop on by and grab some goodies before they disappear! Why is it called Black Wednesday? Well, Brandy (sorry about that), over at The Buzz decided to set up a list of all the great sales that are going on from Etsy sellers starting the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. Perhaps you're like me, and you're stuck at work instead of able to be at home prepping for Turkey day (or perhaps you don't have the Thanksgiving holiday in your country, you can still benefit), but you don't feel like working, well, why not surf on over to our shop and check out all the great Fat Quarter bundles we have for AWESOME prices! Throw in one of our great patterns and you'll have a great gift for a friend who sews/quilts or a great gift for YOURSELF!
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping,
Anna and Regina
The Crafty Girls

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  1. hi! It's Brandy not Becky, but that's ok! Glad to see your blogging about it! I hope it helps some people in need this year!

    The Buzz,