Monday, November 30, 2009

Take a Break for Some Java and a Quick Project!

I had a great time over the loooong weekend, just hanging out at Regina's house on Saturday. We sewed some items in preparation for a spring craft show, and also got to work on some REALLY fast embroidery projects. This is my particular favorite, look at the flour sack towel Regina embroidered:

Is that cute or what!? As it turns out we have a kit for this exact pattern, and the iron transfers include 9 different patterns in ONE set! The kit also has 3 premium, 100% cotton tea towels that have a blue band, but if you see a different color in our shop, you can tell us and we'll switch out the color of the towels. We also have plain flour sack towels that look totally adorable when you do a super easy blanket stitch along the bottom as Regina did on hers. Here is what the patterns look like. Click on the picture to go directly to our shop to see the entire listing.

I always feel like I am pressed for time and was sort of getting sad because I didn't know if I would have enough time to make gifts for my family this year. But I finished one of these designs in an evening and with this kit, there are three towels which is perfect for a set for a family member or, if I were to make up all three, I could pair them with some cute kitchen utensils for a great, easy, practical and home made gift! How about adding in a jar of hot cocoa mix? There are plenty of awesome instructions around the Internet for those. Wouldn't that be adorable with these coffee themed towels? We also have some holiday towel patterns in a kit that even includes the thread. Now how can anyone go wrong with that!? Well, time to get going, I have to get to work on my second towel for this week!

Happy Stitches to You,


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