Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brrrr...It's COLD!

Yes, I know it's a cliche but baby, it's COLD outside!! I live in San Antonio, TX a rather southern part of Texas. We aren't used to temperatures in the 30s and we've had multiple days in the 30s! It's sort of crazy because this last summer we had multiple days where the temperature went above 100. Wow, what a contrast to now! So, when the weather gets cold like this, it makes me glad I have a quilt made of chenille and flannel for my couch to snuggle under, and some warm quilts to keep me toasty. It also makes me think of making...PJs!! We have a couple of great patterns for making PJs so I thought I'd feature them today.

I think this pattern for Jack & Jill Jammies by Idygo Junction is just adorable! It's great for both boys and girls and has several options. This would be a fast project to put together using some of our flannel/woven fabrics. We managed to pick a few bundles of wovens up at the Moda warehouse last year and I think they would be perfect and snuggly for your young one made into these jammies. Or, if you're like me and don't have any little ones running around (or at least none that don't already have fur coats) then you might be interested in putting together some jammies for yourself or your spouse. That's why the Sleep Well PJs pattern by Favorite Things would be perfect for you.Another economical option because it has both men's and women's patterns included! Think of all the variety you can get from one pattern! So with cold weather, you'll probably want to stay inside and yet still be productive and you can be by making PJs to keep you warm! If you order this weekend, they'll go out on Monday and you can probably get the pattern/fabric and maybe even get the entire thing finished by next weekend! I don't expect this arctic blast to last here in South Texas, but I think it's going to hit the rest of the country for at least a couple more weeks. Oh, and if you haven't ever really ventured into the world of garment making (because you prefer quilting) this would be a perfect time to try it. PJs are relatively straightforward in construction and if you make a goof, it won't matter as much because no one will really see it! If you do buy this and make them, we'd really love to see the finished product. I hope you'll take pictures and share them with us by commenting with your blog post link. Thanks for stopping by tonight and I hope you're keeping warm!

Happy Stitches to You,



  1. Oh, I hear you! We've been single digits and teens at night and not getting out of the 20's during the day. I even wrap up in a quilt to sew!

  2. I love the ruffle details on the girls pjs!