Thursday, July 29, 2010

Amy Butler Sew-It Kit and Sew Subversive in stock!

Sew-It Kit

I just got three of these awesome sew-it kits in stock today. They are perfect for a beginner. I have to say I've made several items from Amy Butler's patterns and her patterns are really well written and perfect for a beginning sewist(a). The kit is actually a little box that comes with some fabric, thread, 15 project cards with illustrations, and a pattern to make a super easy and pretty reversible tissue box holder! Check out the listing here for more information and to snatch one up. This would be a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift idea for a budding sewista. Shipping on ths item is a little high, but remember that we combine shipping so fill up your cart and we'll fill up the box and you'll save money in the end!

Check out this awesome book I just got in today! It's from the incredibly talented ladies at Stitch Lounge in San Fransisco which is a hip and fun sewing lounge where you can go in and rent a sewing machine and make all sorts of fun projects! (Someday I'm going to have a place like that here in San Antonio, I think). These ladies crammed soo much great stuff into this book! I just scanned through the projects and they describe tons of awesome ways to take items you find at THRIFT stores and turn them into trendy boutique style clothing! You can take an old prom dress or bride's maids dress and turn it into a halter top! Or even take a funky buckle from an ugly purse and use it for a cool bracelet! There are soo many ideas and along the way you'll learn the greatest techniques for dressmaking (or garment making). I mean, you'll learn how to measure, fit, gather, ruffle, stitch, rouche, buttonhole, darn, zigzag, and the list goes on. Even if you make some of the projects and decide not to wear them, you'll still be more experienced in the end. And the first project? Making a Ms. Double Trouble Dressform out of Duct Tape!! This book is a veritable SEWING COURSE in just one book. Plus, it fits in flat rate envelope so you get it for less than retail even after shipping! But if you want us to slip some fabric into a slightly bigger box, we're OK with that too. We will combine shipping so if what we charged you is over what we paid, you get that money back! I think this book will shine an entirely new light on the thrift store up the street. I will never look at a man's button down shirt the same way again! I hope you'll stop by the shop and check out this awesome book.

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  1. I love Subversive Seamster. I've made a few projects from it! :-)