Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Donation Quilt: Oh How Charming!

Here, it is, FINALLY finished! Actually, it's been done for a little while, I just haven't had a moment to take a picture! Well, today there was some beautiful weather (even if it is around 90 degrees, actually, that's low for this time of year in Texas) and I decided to just snap the picture! A little tweaking in Picnik and here you go! What do you think? I was calling this the Luv U Charm quilt, but I'm making another one with Freebird and it's going to be AWESOME, I can already tell. Plus, look how I did the back!

Is it me or is that just super cute? I had some of the border fabric left over and loved the look of the blue Essentials dots and just decided to put them together to make the back. Easy peasy and fun! Now, ready for the bestest part? I'm going to donate this quilt to a children's hospital or shelter so it can keep a little boy (or girl) warm this winter. I've also been using this pattern, that I sort of created myself (i.e. made up as I went along) as a sort of quilt along class at my local Crafty Girls Workshop meeting that I have every month. Two lovely ladies in the group, Pam and Marcie, are making the same quilt but with their own charm pack choices (I think I mentioned those in a previous post). If you happen to live in or around San Antonio, TX and would like to come and learn how to make one of these quilts to donate to a local hospital or shelter, please come and join us! The next meet up will be on July 25 (a Sunday) please join the Meet Up group for more updates. So, I hope you can join us if you're local and if not, well, I might just be able to write this up as a tutorial and post it, some day. I hope. Life is busy, you know? Oh, and let me mention the way that I quilted this. I just stitched in the ditch on the front and it created a really need grid pattern on the back. Plus I used the same Essential dot for the binding and it contrasted nicely on the front and blended in perfectly on the back! It feels sooo good to get something finished! So, anyone working on anything fun this weekend? Please tell!

Happy Stitches,