Thursday, April 14, 2011

Packing for Quilt Retreat

Besides ALL those projects I'm taking with me to the Quilt Retreat (QR) this weekend. I'm making sure that the shirts I take to wear during the QR are appropriate. Here are the sayings on each shirt I am taking along:

"Failure is NOT an option" (Actually from the Johnson Space center in Houston but I usually wear it shopping and thought it would be fun to wear during the QR)

"What happens at Quilt Retreat stays at Quilt Retreat" (This was the t-shirt from the Alamo Heritage Quilt Guild QR several years ago, and it's still appropriate)

"Quilt Police" on the back, "Captain Luna" on the front (I made this one myself as a joke at a QR I organized a few years ago. Strangely, it didn't quite get the reation I was looking for.

"Who cares?" With a big picture of the grumpy/cloudy Care Bear. I LOVE this because I'm NOT a morning person until I've had coffee. Plus I always loved the Care Bears.

I think that's all the shirts I'm taking, it's only three days but it's good to have a backup or two. If you could create a t-shirt to wear on a retreat, what would it say?

Happy Stitches,



  1. I saw a bag at a Quilt Festival that read "Who are you calling a Quarter?"


  2. Have fun on your retreat! Quilting for a weekend sounds lovely. :) My shirt would probably have some kind of sewing pun, like "Sew Tired from Quilting all weekend."

  3. I'm more of a polo shirt kind of guy, but my wife would shoot me if I left with a shirt that said, "What happens at Quilt Retreat Stays at Quilt Retreat..."

  4. Ha! those are funny! Never thought about shirts for a quilt retreat...maybe if our MQG ever has one I'll have to think of something cool! Have fun!