Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Reason to Look Forward to October!

(Sorry in advance for my lack of pictures and my excessive use of CAPTIAL letters!)
Seriously, October is one of my favorite months because my birthday is in that month! But, there is a very cool looking book coming out in October. You can read more about it on Elizabeth Hartman's blog, Oh, Fransson! Another totally AWESOME book that we have ON ORDER is by one of my favorite designers, Sandi Henderson. Her book is called Sewing Bits and Pieces and it will be arriving very soon! I have been anxiously awaiting this book to arrive at United Notions for a LOOOOONG time, actually since LAST October and fall Quilt Market! Now it's time for Spring Quilt Market! You know, with this great technology of digital cameras, wireless Internet, and blogs, we can all feel like we are AT Spring Quilt Market even if we can't physically be there. I hope to gather some links to the blogs of people who WILL be there and post those so you can get a sneak peek of what is going to be coming out this fall. I'll give you a's stretchy and normally people are pretty hesitant to sew with it, but once they do, they LOVE it! Great for baby stuff too. Can you guess what it is? I'm taking all guesses in the form of comments on this post. Have a great evening, tomorrow's Friday and marks the end of my first full week back at work full time, yippee!! (I rewarded myself by buying some fabric, of course.) Possibly only 15 more weeks until this job is done!

Happy Stitches,


  1. Awesome! My birthday is in October, too :)

  2. hey there! I just got well from a crazy cold and I'm back to commenting. :) My guess is Minky...

  3. Hi, following from Follow Me Friday at Trendy Treehouse!!