Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Card for Mom

I guess it looks a little strange because of the angle of the picture, but here's a card I made for my mom. I used the classic color combination of pink and brown and had fun tearing the paper to get that worn look. And can you see? I actually STITCHED it! I didn't have any more adhesive for my very cool Xyron machine so I thought I'd just stitch the paper and it worked perfectly! I guess you could say this was completely from my stash of papers and stamps. I'm going to give this to my mom  when I give her the quilt too. Oh and in case you're wondering how I covered up the stitching on the inside of the card, here's my secret.

More paper! Easy peasy, just used some of the scraps I had left over and used a glue stick to stitck them down on the inside. It's a little wrinkled where the back of one the brads was bumpy but besides that it's pretty darn cool I think. For someone who hardly ever sits down to make cards, I'm pretty proud of my creation. I have to admit that I tend to collect scrapbooking papers because I can get such a variety of them for very low cost. That way I always have some on hand in case I need to create a card on the fly like this. It doesn't surprise me too much that companies like Basic Grey and Sweetwater have both scrapbook papers AND fabrics! They seem to go hand in hand for those of us who love color and being creative. Well, that's my crafty endeavor for the day! And two posts in one day, amazing!

Happy Stitches,

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