Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spill the Beans Sunday and Thanks KIM

Kim over at 733 a Creative Blog has put up this AWESOME tutorial about how to make sure people can reply to your comments. Thanks for creating this because I really LOVE to reply to comments through e-mail so as to avoid cluttering up comment pages. Please take a few moments to do this so we can all reply to each other!

(She's also the one behind the scenes at Really Crafty Studio-----> see sidebar link)

Spill the Beans Sunday (aka SBS):

Hmm, what should we spill the beans about today? I've got one, hope you'll reply!

Do you like to shop online?
If yes, do you have an opinion about Pay Pal vs. Other Merchant sites (i.e. Google Cart)?

If NO, why the heck not!?
 Haha, just kidding. But is there some particular reason you won't shop online?

So, please spill the beans.

Oh, do I need to go first? OK, well, I do enjoy shopping online, when I have money. I actually just bought some fabric on Thursday evening, yes, I KNOW I have my own online shop but this was stuff we didn't have! *See previous SBS post about addictions* But when it comes to buying clothes or shoes I pretty much have to try it on first so I won't buy that stuff online. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Stitches,


  1. I'm putting my hand up. I'm really busy and I buy online all the time. Fabric is the most obvious thing, but I've also bought furniture, tools, my wedding dress and veil, gifts - pretty much anything really. The list goes on and on. Yes I've even bought clothes and shoes online. I use Paypal, Visa and bank transfer. Paypal and Visa are instant so very convenient. And, I buy from overseas all the time as well (as you well know Anna ! )

    I enjoy online shopping far more than real shopping. No crowds, I can do it at a time that suits me and I dont have to get out of my pyjamas! Bonus!

  2. Yes I shop online all the time because I am not really picky about hues or tones since cameras and screens do not give accurate colors all the time and I get funky fabric sometimes but it just goes into the collection and gets used at some point. As for how to pay, I use paypal the most and love it because I also get paid by paypal, so my account has money for such purchases.