Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nicey Jane Fabric

I was poking around on my computer last night, saving some pictures from my camera and I came across some pictures I'd taken back in October at Quilt Market in Houston. The picture above is Heather Bailey's booth, of all the beautiful Nicey Jane fabrics. Aren't they just luscious? We loved the vintage-y look and feel of them at the time but were rather overwhelmed by all the fabrics that we were seeing. We have now opened an account with Free Spirit and guess what!? Nicey Jane was at the top of the list of fabrics to purchase. Here are the fabrics we purchased from this line.
Click the image to go to the page on our webstore and purchase anywhere from 1/4 to multiple yards! I can't wait to dig in and sew up some samples with this fabric!
Happy Stitches to You!
P.S. If you check our webstore, you might find a pleasant surprise, all our fabrics have mysteriously GONE DOWN in price! This is NOT a temporary sale either, this is a PERMANENT price change. Better get that yardage fast before it's all gone!


  1. Hey! What a fun blog you have!...thanks for visiting mine at farm and fru fru....come back soon and I'll do the same...who doesn't love fabric!!!???

  2. I love those fabrics and I will definitely be ordering some!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog and helping make my SITS day so wonderful! I have been sewing all my life, and made many quilts before I had children/job/etc., so visiting here makes me smile.

  4. Hi Anna-
    I'm stopping by from Everything Etsy because I saw your comment about a custom watch band. If you're this week's winner, I would be happy to make you something in aqua and red. If not, email me to place a custom order!

  5. I love Heather Bailey fabric! One day I'll make something pretty with them. I'm not the best at sewing, so it takes me twice as long. :)