Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sew Talented Sunday - Regina

I don't know if this is going to become a regular theme for a Sunday post or not, but I would really like to share how incredibly lucky I am work with one of my best friends as my business partner for Crafty Girls Workshop. It also happens that she's my mother in law and she's the one who took the time to show me how to make pillowcases and curtains for my new home after I first was married. That's how I fell in love with sewing. Regina is also a super duper talented sewista. Look at this adorable outfit she made!

Reversible Pleated Top by Sew Sensible and Bloomers from Britches and Bloomers

She made them to show off the adorable fabric we got in from the Blush collection and how the fabrics could be combined to make such a cute outfit! Unfortunately the patterns are out of stock right but but we've reordered them and they should be arriving soon! Guess what? The top is reversible! Here's the other side:

Sew cute! And, since we don't have any little girls in the family who wear size 3T yet, we're just going to have to list this outfit for sale on our Etsy store so that someone else can benefit from the adorable-y cuteness of it all. Regina has also made the amazing Bundle Up Baby Quilt. It is so beautiful and soft and she said it was really quite fun to make. Remember, we're auctioning the the quilt she made to raise money for Doctors without Borders toward the relief effort in Haiti. Here's the quilt again:

If you'd still like to bid on this quilt it's super easy:

  1. Click here to visit the blog post about the auction.
  2. Leave a comment on the post with the amount you'd like to bid.
  3. Bidding will close tonight at midnight.
  4. So far the only bid is for $75, but I think we can make it a little higher, right?

Regina really is my inspiration today and always and she's worked so hard and makes so many beautiful things! When we first started Crafty Girls Workshop in March of 2009 (I can't believe it's almost been a year!) we were intent on making items to sell, but I was working full time and never had time to sew anything. So she would sew aprons and pillows and make adorable blankets. She was sewing like crazy! In that first couple of months before we decided to list fabric in our shop, we only sold a couple of the aprons she made. But when we eventually listed fabric the sales really shot up! And where did we get that fabric? From Regina's stash of course! All I did was get the items listed on the site. Now we've got brand new fabrics, fresh from the bolts and it's all stored at Regina's house. That's why we call her the shipping and receiving department. OK, I digress. Regina's also made a cute skirt with the Quilter's Quarters pattern and I'll have pictures of that very soon. Now I'd like to hear from any of you out there who might read this. Who inspires you to sew or taught you to sew? I'd love to meet our readers!

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Stitches to You,



  1. That quilt is adorable. Thank for joining PEAR!

  2. Let us know your email address over at French Picnic so we can welcome you with our information about the PEAR Project. Glad to have you on board!

  3. I love the second outfit, you guys do great work.

    Best of luck!

  4. Love how that turned out & the gorgeous fabrics. I've chosen you for a Beautiful Blogger Award - check it out here:

  5. Beautiful work!!! That's a talent. :)

    Visiting from SITS.