Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love Stinks

Yeah, it's February, so far it's bitterly cold and I'm sort of bitter about love. It's my first year as a single girl in 16 years. To celebrate my new found "freedom" from the chains of "love" I've decided to hold a Love Stinks! class to teach how to make these cute and somewhat ironic Conversation Hearts. Thanks Danielle from Nacho Mama's Quilt for coming up with this idea and creating such a cute display. I'm thinking Easter Eggs for April (or cascarones if you're from San Antonio and familiar with Fiesta traditions). Come to the class and learn a few easy embroidery stitches, pick up the inexpensive kit to make these adorable hearts. You can put whatever sayings on them that you prefer. If you want something a little more sappy, that's cool with us. There is a guarantee there will be chocolate at this class and maybe even a heart shaped pinata that we can beat up (won't that be fun!)

Happy Stitches,


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