Friday, February 4, 2011

New Levels of Wonky Sewing

Back in November 2010 I attended a really cool workshop with famed quilter and fabric designer Denyse Schmidt. Since then, I really haven't been able to do anything NOT improv or NOT wonky. And I think my wonkiness is growing. The SA Modern Quilt Guild had a recap improv patchwork workshop here at CGW last Saturday, what a BLAST! I made roughly three blocks. After everyone left and a few days (and about 17 yards of blue velvet later, loong story) I was able to sit down and make up some more improv blocks. The first one came out pretty nice.
I was lucky that the colors all went together pretty well.

The next one, well, it had a curved piece. I decided to try to "go with it" for the curve. OMG talk about the CURVE THAT WOULD NOT DIE!

BUT I have to say, I still like the end result and ended up making two more blocks that looked A LOT more improvisational than anything else I've made so far.

So now I have a really nice collection of blocks growing and growing. It's amazing how quickly they are adding up. OK, so I started with 6 from the DS workshop, but two of those are in frames. The rest I've made between that November workshop and now, February 3. WOW. Maybe this will become a quilt by the end of the year! (Don't hold your breathe)

So there you have it. Yes, I am actually spending some quality time with my sewing machine. Thanks to the SA Mod Quit Guild I'm inspired and having fun and motivated to finish something! (I like to have something for Sew and Tell at the meetings) Oh, and I was also inspired by Jodi's pictures of the Baby Nap Mat. I love those colors!

Happy Stitches to all, stay warm!



  1. I am literally "itching" to get started on several projects, many coming from this site, as soon as we get moved and settled. I have entered the great give-away over at Pleasant Home and thank you for your generosity in making that possible. I'm a new follower, too.

  2. Such wonky fun! Thanks for the giveaway at Jodi's ~

  3. Great blocks. You should check out There is some great improv block making going on there.