Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Short Stacks Now Available!

Allow me to introduce you to a new idea we had, Short Stacks! What is a short stack? It's a bundle of some of our FABULOUS, DELICIOUS fabrics, pre-cut into Fat Quarters (18"x22") and beautifully coordinated just for your shopping pleasure! You don't have to think much, just see the one you love and buy it! We've kept these bundles close to 10 cuts, some have 9 some have 11, but they all have plenty of fabric to get you started on a lovely quilt top, or to make several cute tote bags, or pillows or table linens, without totally breaking your budget! It's up to you! Plus, right now, the Short Stacks we have are in the Mill House Inn line of fabrics (SOOO beautiful) and we DO have coordinating yardage which you will most likely need for borders, backing, sashing, or lining your totes. So, stop by the shop TODAY and get a short stack while you can! I am sure they are going to sell like hotcakes (hence, the name, short stack, get it? That's a little pancake humor there.)

Hey, did you notice? There's a NEW Secret Item over there!!! ------------------>

Remember, FREE Shipping on the Secret Item (even international, that's like saving $5!!)

Happy Stitches,


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  1. Hi, Stopping in for SITS Saturday Sharefest. I'm wondering if the fabrics would be suitable for pillows or if they are for quilting only.