Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To Market To Market

As you probably know, Regina and I went to the Fall Quilt Market this weekend. Wow, are we tired! Three intense days of break out sessions and sensory overload really can take it's toll. So, it's going to probably take us the rest of this week to get stuff loaded on the shop site(s), BUT we have A LOT to share and are SUPER excited about the direction we're going to go with all this new information! We also got our hands on a lot of samples of new fabrics that are not quite available yet, but we will make these samples available to you, and if they seem popular, we will DEFINATELY order more. Here are some teasers of what HOT trends we saw at market:
  • CUTE Kids' garment patterns
  • ADORABLE ways to embellish store bought clothes
  • Altered and mixed media in quilting is HOT HOT HOT (think: painting on fabric!)
  • Think outside the blocks
  • Funky, bright, and beautiful fabrics abound

I hope to cover each of these plus more in future posts. In the mean time, please visit our shop and help us clear out our current inventory. We have A TON of new stuff on order and would LOVE to have lots of space (in Regina's spare room) to put the items when they arrive. There are still many, many things in our sale "bin" and don't forget the Secret Item over there in the side bar. FREE shipping, even International, if you purchase that item, and if you buy something else along with it, we'll cover the shipping up to $5 on that as well. Until next time.

Happy Stitches,

Anna and Regina

Crafty Girls Workshop

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