Friday, October 23, 2009

Only 10 Days Left to Grab Some Bargains

If you've checked out our Etsy shop lately, you might notice that the Destash/Books category has the most items of anything in our shop. That is also where you can find some pretty darn good bargains on fabric. Well, in about 10 days, most of those items will no longer be listed in our shop. You see, on Etsy, when we list an item it stays active for four months at which point it "falls off" the listing unless we choose to pay another listing fee for that item. Since it's now actually Fall and most of the items in that category are rather Summery and Springish in nature, we figure if they haven't sold by November 2, we can wait a little while before we list them again. So, if you've visited the shop and you've ever put a heart on one of those items, indicating that you REALLY REALLY liked it, you'd better stop by again and grab it before November 2. There is a slim chance some of that will be listed again in the Spring, but since most of it was from our personal stash and we had actually pre-washed it, we'll probably just incorporate it back into our stashes again. Here's my little confession, there are a couple of items I sort of hope won't be grabbed up by you guys (although I'd be happy if they were too).

For example, this awesome bundle of 1/4 yd cuts, 9 pieces of Sweet by Urban Chiks. It's a bargain for only $22.50, it's been viewed over 200 times and 10 people have put a heart on it, but no one has grabbed it! I really have no idea why not, it's adorable!

Check out this cute bundle of 1/4 yd cuts of Snippets by American Jane. You can get 5 quarter yard cuts for onlu $12.75! That is totally worth it! If you were to add that cute onesie pattern you could quickly turn these into some adorable little dresses for a baby. I strongly urge you to take another look at our Destash group and see if there is anything in there you just can't live without. If you place your order before 3:30 today, and payment is received, we will get it into the mail today! Otherwise, it will go out on Monday (the post office isn't open on the weekend, unfortunately.)

Or, if you prefer to get the newest, hottest fabric that is just fresh from Quilt Market, check out the new items I've just listed this week. I've posted some patterns, and many, many short stacks of fat quarters. Remember that you probably know several people who wouldn't mind receiving fabric for a Christmas present. Think of your guildly friends or your grandchild or niece or nephew who wants to learn to sew. Perhaps all they need is one or two fat quarters and some guidance from you to get started. You can grab up one or two of those short stacks and easily have a great gift or stocking stuffer for your loved ones.

Oh, and speaking of stocking stuffers. We just got 5 copies of this great pattern to make stockings for Christmas! The coolest thing, I think, is that we actually have the EXACT fabric that was used to make this pattern, and even though it's in Christmas section, it's part of our destash so the prices are really good. So, if you purchase that fabric, we'll send you the pattern FOR FREE!! Here's a peek at the pattern:

I think it's super duper cute! I also think that there is just enough time to get yourself one of our Christmas bundles and make up these cute stocking for family and friends. I don't have any children, but I have three dogs and this year I need to make a new stocking for our newest addition. I'm thinking this would be just about right for her stocking. So hurry over and get it, we only have 5 of those patterns to give away!!

Until next time.
Happy Bargain Hunting,


  1. Everything you have a lovely!! I WISH I could sew!

    Have a happy SITS day!


  2. Cute fabric! I don't have much extra money...but LOVE the fabric!!!!
    Cute blog as well...
    I'll follow you too....:D