Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do You Like Our New 'Do?

Well, it was time. I turned another year older on Tuesday and decided it was time for our shop to get a little facelift and also while I was at it, why not revamp the blog too? Regina agreed that we needed something a little fresher and when we saw the aqua and red banner design we said "YES" that's just what we wanted! And wouldn't you know, I looking around at Hot Bliggity Blog where I got our previous blog background and they had THE PERFECT coordinating background for our new colors. So, I'd LOVE some feedback, what do you think? Is it fun and fresh enough? I know it's fall and most people think orange and black and brown and reds and golden yellows, but here in San Antonio, Texas, we're lucky if the weather stays a consistant temperature between Monday and Tuesday! We don't have a lot of fall foilage and we wanted to give our shop and our image of Crafty Girls Workshop a specific look. Well, WE love it and we hope you do too! I hope to hear some good things from you!

Happy Stitches to You,



  1. I love it. I have wanted to change my look but I have never tried it. I guess I would lose everything. Love your new look.

  2. Yep, Fresh and inviting --- good enough to eat, love it . Now when will I have the time to fiddle ?????

  3. I do like! And sorry meant to tell you a while ago, thanks for the pincushion! Its coming in very handy!