Thursday, October 22, 2009

Need Some Fall Inspiration?

I don't know about you, but I am totally addicted to magazines. There is something about the glossy pages and the possibilities for inspiration that draw me to the magazine aisle of my bookstore. Well, we are happy to announce that The Crafty Girls Workshop is now going to carry some great new magazines! We've sort of been vetting a few different publishers in the last couple of months and at Quilt Market we signed up for the minimum order (still testing the waters here) for the magazines we think YOU, our customers will enjoy. One of those, in particular, is Cloth, Paper, Scissors. This magazines does more than just talk about fabric and quilting, as the title suggests, it will help you stretch your creative wings and try some new ideas! The photography in the Fall issue is simply amazing. You know, I never thought I might want to make a felted wool skelaton before, but after seeing those in this issue, I might just give it a try! Here is the cover:

And even though it looks like there are only Halloween ideas in there, don't be fooled, in fact there are A LOT of non Halloween articles and projects to try. We only have ONE copy at the moment, but we have 5 more on order (in fact, I believe they will be arriving on Monday) so if you'd like a copy and the one we have is gone, please convo us on Etsy and we'd be happy to take you pre-order for it. Click the picture above to visit the listing for the magazine. I hope you'll consider taking a walk on the artsy wild side and try out a new magazine. There are more to come. I hope to feature them in the next couple of days. Until next time.

Happy Spooky Stitches to You,


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