Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crisis Averted, Please Return to your Regularly Scheduled Shopping

Wow, this is what it feels like panic when you realize that your SHOPPING CART SOFTWARE is DOWN! We were wondering why we hadn't had any orders in TWO DAYS. Lately, that's pretty unusual. Well, I chalked it up to the Easter Holiday weekend. Perhaps people are too busy with their families to shop for fabric right now. Totally understandable. Then tonight, I was listing some AMAZING new fabric bundles we've created (I had loads of fun taking pictures yesterday) and I decided to test the shopping cart, but it wouldn't load! PANIC! Long story short, somehow I read a forum post that explained how to change the address and it corrected the problem. I felt a little better knowing it wasn't JUST my site that was down, it was happening to all 20,000 of the users of Mal's e-commerce. Note to self, if something seems unusual, it probably is an indicator that something is not RIGHT. OK, so our store is working now, please return to your regularly scheduled shopping. And would you like to see some fabric eye candy?? (I hope I don't get spammed for that)
Martinique Bundle Full and Half Yard Cuts

Michael Miller High Tea Bundle Full and Half Yard Cuts

There is sooo much more listed on our web store AND on Etsy. Happy Shopping and Happy Easter!!


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  1. Oh I like that Michael Miller High Tea set! So cute!