Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spill the Beans Sunday

Happy Easter! I can say that because I'm writing this at Midnight so it's correct.
Today's question:
Do you have any Easter/Spring traditions with your family?

My Answer:
Growing up we had the usual go to church, share big meal with family and hunt for eggs tradition. Occasionally we'd find an egg with candy a few months after Easter was over. I think we switched to plastic eggs when we found a month old hardboiled egg, EWWW! (just kidding - sort of)

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Happy Stitches,


  1. After candy/breakfast, the family and I go down to my grandmother's place and hang out enjoying good food and family. My grandfather usually puts on an Easter egg hunt for the kids and we all have a great time! Time to pack to get going!

  2. We normally don't have any type of tradition except that I will fix a ham for lunch. Today we had dairy goat kids born so it made for an interesting Easter Sunday. Thanks so much for joining in the P K Glitz blog hop. We will be announcing the winners of the prizes on Tuesday!

  3. Really the same as you described but with my own family we are much lower key and tend to just relax and hang out together!

  4. We have an egg hunt for the kids, and make a huge breakfast that always includes cinnamon rolls!

    hope you enjoyed your Easter!

  5. We normally just have a nice breakfast then go to my mom's for dinner.

    Stopping in from SITS.

  6. Normally its an egg hunt...and a yummy ham dinner...basically just family time....

    Thanks for the tip on Moda, I'll be checking out that site for good ideas now... =:O)

    Have a great Week!
    Colleen ~HappyLittleArt~

  7. Normally we color eggs, have an egg hunt, ham and cheesy potatoes for dinner and new Sunday clothes for Easter Sunday. This year my 10yr old boy was not into the coloring, he didn't care about the hunt and didn't want new Sunday clothes. I'll have to think of some new traditions for next year.

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  8. all the same Easter stuff, but I also make my family take a family picture on Easter Sunday. I LOVE family pictures!

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