Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Design Wall Update

Last weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to go out to Regina's house to sew for two whole days! Of course, while we're sewing, we're also discussing Crafty Girls business, so it's sort of a business meeting at the same time (cool, huh?) I wanted to show off one of the quilts I worked on, it was a super productive weekend since I made significant progress on two quilt tops. First, I spent most of that week working on a Two by Fours quilt. This quilt pattern is awesome (and we happen to have it in the shop) because it just uses a jelly roll, the ENTIRE jelly roll, all the strips cut into two sub units. Then piece those together and make it into the top! Then add a small inner border and wide outer border and you have a VERY nice sized quilt. Well, I had cut my Portobello Market jelly roll into the specified pieces in preparation for a quilt retreat, hmm, LAST year, and put them into a zip lock baggy. I never got around to sewing the pieces together until last week. Each evening, I worked on the various units and by the end of the week, I had the ENTIRE top (except the borders) complete! This might have been mentioned in the post about listening to books on tape or watching Netflix/Hulu and here is the top all done!

Two by Fours Pattern made with Portobello Market JR

Aren't those fabrics pretty? I really wish that jelly roll was still available and the yardage too! I hoping that when we go to the Moda Retreat tomorrow we'll be able to find some yardage I can use for borders. I mean, we'll only have the ENTIRE warehouse available to search in! I also have a Martinique Jelly Roll and can't wait to make this same quilt from that JR!

So that leads me to my next item of business. I'll be gone for a few days, but don't worry, you won't be left in complete silence like you were last week (Sorry for that by the way). I have arranged for a couple VERY talented ladies to post in my absence and I think you are all in for quite a treat! Well, I must be going.

Oh, one more thing, if you HAPPEN to stop by our shop and try to purchase something, please accept my aplogies in advance if the cart doesn't work. We would be happy to process your order through e-mail, just drop us a line, anna@craftygirlsworkshop.com with your order and I'll send you a pay pal invoice. I'm very sorry for this happening, we are working with the company to get it resolved as soon as we can (even if it means transferring our entire inventory to another store.)

Happy Stitches,


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  1. beautiful quilt... two whole days of sewing, thats heaven. Mine is always broken up into brief moments. :) Have a good weekend!