Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring (Studio) Spruce Up (part two): Sort and Organize

Why is it that the entire feel of a room can change if you change the name? If I call a room my sewing space or sewing room, it feels normal and sort of plain, but if I call it my Sewing Studio that completely changes the feel for the room! Just a random thought to start off my post about organizing.

You know, in honor of Earth Day this Thursday (April 22nd) I think it makes sense to be sprucing up our studios or some part of our homes. It's a perfect time to air out your linens that have been stored away in favor of heavier blankets, and to rexamine the items in your home/sewing space. I figured out how to do a mosaic! Here's a great website for that.

1. Fabric storage, 2. my sewing table feb 09, 3. Craft Space (new home!), 4. magnetic board on inner cupboard door, 5. my desk, 6. Ribbon storage, 7. buttons 002, 8. A corner in my studio, 9. craft room glitter shelf

These were just gathered from the first 10 pages of the over 9000 images in the Craft Rooms group!

I found some totally cute storage cubes (collapsible) at DOLLAR TREE!

All of these for just $5 total! And they match my room colors, isn't that too cute?! The rectangle ones have dividers on the inside I think those will be perfect for organizing small notions and the others will be great for FQs and precuts.

Here are some other great ideas for storage:

Ribbon Storage in jars (with great tutorial)

Fabric Folding tutorial (Happy Zombie)

Video Rack turned Ribbon Holder (French Picnic)

Tipnut Buncha Links Organize Sewing Rooms and Crafts Supplies (They did all the work for me!)

General Decluttering Tips (Tipnut again)

Organize a Craft Space (Home Made Simple)

Wow, these pictures are so inspiring! I'm very determined to get my sewing room organized from top to bottom this week so I have some great pictures to post on Saturday!

Question(s) of the day: How to do you store your fabric/papers/thread/buttons?

Do you organize by color? By size (yardage)? By collection? Theme such as holiday? Come on! Spill the beans!!

Happy SpRiNg SpRuCe Up!!



  1. There's definitely something in the air--I've been doing a major purge of my space over the last couple of weeks and just painted the back wall (it's an enclosed carport so big, boring and white) "Very Berry" to make things interesting.

    My studio is actually called the Abyss for a variety of reasons and, yes, there's a lot in a name.

    I prefer to organize things by color and was just thinking this morning that I'd do better to combine all the various little embellishment elements into color-grouped bins and boxes rather than have a place for buttons all subdivided away from the sorted beads and the various other bits. Paper and fabric will have their own areas when I'm done, but all the little bits will get put together to make finding my creative supplies more efficient :)

  2. OMGosh! I found you on SITS & I'm so glad I did!! Your pictures are heaven to me :) I need some serious organizing in my sewing room, I mean studio. I am following you now.

  3. Fun links!!! I love the image in the mosaic with the buttons. I'm still a beginning sewer, so all of my fabric fits (folded) inside one of those reusable shopping bags/totes. Buttons are just in a plastic bag that they came in, and thread still fits in my sewing basket b/c I don't have much.

    I'm going to feature this link in the next week or two, b/c I think YOU have some good links to share. :)

  4. I posted my link to this topic! :) As for how I organize... however and wherever it can be done. I use everything! But I am a color coder, so everything is by color and size. Have a great week!

  5. Anna...I covet your studio!!! I love it's bright happy color and you totally make me want to redo my space!

  6. I have a tough time calling my sewing/quilting/longarm room my "Studio". How can it be a studio when I'm a newbie (of sorts) to quilting and novice at longarm quilting. The "pro's" are the ones who are allowed to call their space a "studio"...after all, they are the artists. I have been practicing saying "my studio" for some time, but I almost feel embarrassed when I do and revert back to calling it "my playhouse". I will work harder at calling it "My Studio".

    I organize my fabric by color, except for the holiday fabric which is organized by the holiday.

  7. If I have a sewing studio like this, I will in that room the whole day. For sure it makes me more inspired to create something. My sewing room is still in the making. :) Love it!